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The rate we give out is our perceived value of our work. We are very proud and have high regard for what we do, we continually invest in equipment and technology that will make the videos better. We make sure that every client is more than satisfied and happy with our work. We make it a point to prove that we are worth every centavo paid to us.

We do more than simply create a highlight reels. Every film & photographs we produce incorporates the depth, emotion and significance of your day.


A lot of couples decided that wedding videography is too expensive, and therefore it gets “cut” early on in the planning process. What are some ways brides can make videography fit into their budget, and why should they fit it into their budget? We often think during the process it’s hard to think about what you will want to tangibly have from your wedding day. This is mainly because a lot of your focus is on how to actually pull the day off. Details are a big part of your day. They help bring your wedding to life. However, eventually things will be gone and you will have nothing left to remember your wedding. A question we often ask couples who are on the fence about videography is, How will you preserve the memories you’ll relish in years down the road? We totally understand the restrictions of a budget and how hard it is to fit everything in. Our challenge is to forward think into the future and consider what you’ll wish you had to remember your day. Quality. Professional videographer can capture the living memories of what you did, what you said and how you felt on your special day. To be confident you have a high-quality record of this once in a lifetime event, you should take great care in selecting your videographer. 


You are creating a living family record. In future years, you will be able to look back at those no longer with you, sharing the memories with your children and grandchildren. Hear their voices, see them laugh, watch them alive and happy. This is truly priceless.

We'd love to hear from you!

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